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Latest Funny Titles For College Farewell Party | Farewell Titles For Freshers Party in College | Funny Titles For Seniors in College Party

1. For the girl or boy who looks like Punjabi: PUNJABI TADKA
2. For a handsome boy of the class: PRINCE CHARMING
3. For the boy, who tops in sports events: KHILADI NO. 1
4. For an innocent boy or girl: CENT PERCENT INNOCENT
5. For an old looking girl: CHACHI 420
6. For cutest girl of the class: CUTIE PIE
7. For the boy or girl who helps others with money always: ATM
8. For the slim trim girl of the class: CHIKNI CHAMELI
9. For the boy who has good builds: SIX PACKS, TARZAN, MR.KHALI
10. For the boy or girl who thinks of eating all the time: FOOD EXPRESS

Many more titles are coming soon, so stay connected please!

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